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Developing Creativity and Talents

DANCE without inhibition

SING without needing to be in tune

LOVE without regret

LIVE without fear of a different tomorrow

Many addicts loose connection to their natural interests and innate human creativity over time; often years of drug abuse close down their innovative abilities and artistic qualities.

We offer a series of introductory Expressive Media Courses designed to stimulate the imagination and inspire originality. Our clients can explore:

  • Music
  • Movement and Dance
  • Photography
  • Drama and Theatre
  • Art
  • Creative Writing and Thinking

There are no prerequisites for trying out any of the activities above; our Expressive Media Courses are designed to introduce/re-introduce clients to their ability to generate new ideas both individually and as part of a team. Many of the creative challenges set on these courses are worked on individually. However, a few tasks are completed by small teams of clients working together in order to foster collaboration and learning between peers. Clients are also facilitated to discuss team dynamics and enhance their creative communication within an artistic environment that encourages supportive, resourceful problem solving.

Creativity is the ability to see what’s there then to see it a new; and the central aims of these courses are to generate:

  • Enhanced imagination and inventiveness
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Develop a sense of self as an artistic and resourceful person
  • Stimulate new ways of thinking
  • Generate the ability to better evaluate ideas and potential solutions

All these courses have regular summary session during which clients can reflect on how they will harness and further develop their personal creativity and ingenuity.